Monday, March 3, 2008

More of The Same

Following on the heels of my post from yesterday, I was reading the National Review's gushing editorial about how wonderful McCain's health care plan is.

Like most Conservative solutions, it's based on tax spending rather than a government run program like Medicare or Social Security (which are wildly popular, highly efficient and anathema to the Right). But what caught my eye was the following line:

"He would allow people to purchase insurance out of state, thus bypassing their own states’ regulations. The same family that cannot afford insurance in New Jersey could buy it cheaper in Pennsylvania, thanks to overregulation in the former. By freeing interstate commerce, McCain would make insurance more affordable."

Don't these people ever learn? As soon as you eliminate inter-state restrictions there will be a stampede of insurance companies to states with the weakest regulations. Fly by night operators will start selling cheap policies to unsuspecting consumers who will then get screwed when the companies evaporate faster than the sub-prime mortgage lenders.

And then there was this choice bit:

"The second attack is that people with pre-existing medical conditions will have trouble getting affordable coverage on the individual market. That is true. But those people already have such trouble under today’s system."

Excuse me? The current system already sucks so why should we expect anything better?

Great plan, John. Good luck getting coverage with that skin cancer problem of yours.

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