Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mackinac Center in Deep Denial

In this week's MiBiz, Diane Katz from Michigan's own Mackinaw Center for Public Policy pens an opinion piece titled "The not so good life".

In this piece, she trashes the idea of public transportation based on the astute observation that streetcars in the early 20th century were hot in the summer and cold in the winter. As she says:
"some among us pine for the days when Americans depended more on mass transit than the sports utility vehicle."
Family farms are also a bad idea because:
"In place of a neat rose garden, an expanse of muck and manure surrounded the farmhouse"
It is truly amazing how deeply the Mackinaw Center will dive into absurdity to defend their "conservative" ideals. We really do still love our SUVs at $80 to fill the tank, and factory farms that dump tons of manure into toxic lagoons are such an improvement over the old days.

I really don't know why these hacks continue to get their work published. The only "public policy" supported by the Mackinaw Center is the destruction of government as we know it and the return to 19th century robber baron capitalism.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention that this piece was published in the Green Edition of MIBiz.


lyxia said...

what the fuck????
this is ridiculous!
where do they find these people?

Snipe said...

Midland, MI.

Maybe their proximity to the Dow Chemicals HQ explains their behavior.