Saturday, February 16, 2008

Next Comes the Horse Head in the Bed

So let me get this straight: The MI Judicial Tenure Commission sends someone to Rockford to tell Judge Steven Servaas he is being investigated, but before he goes, Servaas's boss (Chief District Court Judge Sara Smolenski) sends a state trooper to confiscate the 45 he keeps in his office.

Smolensky says "I didn't want a gun there - period"

The Tenure Commission guy tells Servaas he should resign to avoid the embarrassment of an investigation. Servaas says it was like Luca Brasi showing up with an offer he couldn't refuse

Now could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that Smolenski wants to build a $7 million judicial palace on the Beltline and Servaas saying he doesn't want to leave his courthouse in Rockford?

He likes having a local courthouse in town and Rockford likes it too. So what's up with Smolenski - and do we really have $7 million bucks right now for a new building? How about fixing a few potholes first.

Anyhow, this sure sounds like a political hit job to me. Stay tuned.

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