Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shut Down the WEMET

The Press has a decent piece of investigative reporting on the front page today that can only lead to one conclusion: The West Michigan Enforcement Team (WEMET) should be disbanded and the officers reassigned.

What does this outfit do? They overwhelmingly go after low level pot dealers by making pathetically small $50 "buys" based on tips and then stage a big bust where they net small quantities of drugs, some cash and sometimes guns. The scorecard for 2008 tells the story:
Marijuana: 639 lbs
Coke: 12.4 lbs
Crack: 44 oz
Heroin: 22 oz
Meth: 6.5 of
Guns: 100
That's it for 25 officers and a half-million $ annual budget. The fact that the most dangerous drug (Meth) is at the bottom of the list shows how lame this effort is. They are busting part-time pot dealers and growers - and ignoring the drug that is brutally addictive, dangerous, toxic and pervasive in rural Michigan. The haul of guns is largely meaningless since you can walk into practically any home in Michigan and find guns (and probably a small amount of pot as well).

If the State Police don't have anything better to do with 25 officers and a half million dollars, they should give the money back. This is a joke.