Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guns & Ammo

Since Barak Obama's election, the gun business in the U.S. has been going crazy. As described in a recent article in the Press, applications for concealed weapons permits have doubled in 2009. Ammunition is in short supply because people are buying and hoarding it. An NPR story told about a 69 year old woman buying a case of ammo for her AK-47.

The story being floated by the conservative media is that Obama is going to take away people's guns - so you better arm yourself now. A second meme is that the recession is making the country more dangerous so you'd better start packing before the poor people come after your stuff.

Both of these lines share a hideous fear of the other, particuarly if the other is urban and black. This is scary shit and shows how some hard core conservatives are reacting to the loss of an election. There are way too many crazy people out there - and now they are armed.

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