Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saul Annuzio Re-writes History

Saul Annuzio (head of the MI GOP) was on Jack Lessenberry's show today. He tried to put a smiley face on the sad state of the Republican Party with comments like: we have a lot of great candidates and they are just going to have to run on their own appeal. The implication being that they better run as far as possible from the GOP and its miserable performance over the past eight years.

But then he said that if Michiganders help elect Barak Obama (a "tax and spend liberal") it will produce the same results that electing Jennifer Granholm did in Michigan.

Maybe someone needs to remind Saul that Granholm's election came after 12 years of nothing but tax cuts by John Engler, and that his program of tax cuts above all else did nothing to help this state. Maybe he also needs to think abut the great success of Bush's tax cuts and the GOP's brand of "borrow and spend" government.

The ability of conservatives to reinvent (or ignore) history is never-ending, and part of the reason this state (and this country) are in such a mess.

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