Sunday, April 13, 2008

Truth vs. Politics as Usual

I know I'm off message here (the West Michigan message) but the latest Obama dustup seems to be applicable everywhere.

Twice now, Barack Obama has broken the political rules and told the truth. First he said there is still deeply ingrained (although suppressed) racism in America. He said some people are still angry about this (specifically his minister.) When other politicians jumped on him, he refused to recant because he was telling the truth.

Now he has said that rural Americans are bitter because their communities are rotting from the loss of jobs, poverty, poor health care and the failure of the government to do anything. As a result, people are bitter and are looking for solace in the things they know.

He is again being trashed and he again is refusing to recant. He said he should have phrased it differently, but still believes what he said is true. Maybe McCain or Hillary should read what an actual rural Pennsylvanian thinks about it.

Americans are resiliant, optimistic, forward looking people - but in many rural communities (including many in Michigan), things really do suck, and our government is doing nothing to help

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AP said...

Now they're on him for not wearing a lapel pin. Is that creepy or what? Whether about Obama or anyone else, this kind of hyper-scrutiny of a person's allegiances is out McCarthying McCarthy.