Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs do Roam

Well, what's to say about the wanderings of Debbie Stabinow's husband Thomas Athens?

On the surface, he got a much better deal than Eliot Spitzer, at the rock bottom price of $150 vs. Eliot's mutli-G affairs. On the other hand, Tom was only in there for 15 minutes, so the price wasn't all that great.

What's more interesting is whether he left a decent tip. The girl's rates were $100 for 15 minutes, $160 for 30, or $225 for the big spenders with an hour to spare. If Tom was only there for 15 min, he left 50% tip - which means as least he's not a cheap bastard.

The best thing is that Senator Stabinow does not have to stand next to him, beaming her wifely approval while he's standing there in front of the reporters with his dick in his hand. He's just a husband.

b/t/w what's up with the GR Press running this story right on top of an AP bit saying Sex Therapists say 3 to 13 minutes is optimal for sex? Was the press trying to show that Athans was a smart consumer?

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