Sunday, March 29, 2009

John Cherry for Governor?

Before the entire Democratic Party apparatus gets on board the John Cherry Bandwagon, I'd like someone to explain why is he going to be any better than Governor Granholm.

This has nothing to do with whether he is the person most able to get elected. We got Granholm elected twice and at this point I would have rather have seen what Dick DeVos could have done. Granholm has been wrong on education, wrong on energy policy, ineffective in economic development and gutless in prison reform. Our state as gotten worse, not better, under her leadership.

I understand this is impolitic, but I no longer care if the best person is a Republican or a Democrat. I care who will make this state a better place to live for the most people, and a lousy Democrat is not necessarily better than a good Republican.

So what does John Cherry stand for? What is he going to do to dig Michigan out of this mess and how complicit has he been in Granholm's failures? If he has done nothing as the Lieutenant Governor he can only be criticized for being a typically boring person in a typically useless position. I suppose this is better than being an active participant - but says nothing about what he will do once woken from his LG stupor.

I have seen nothing yet that explains who he is and what he stands for. OK, he's a Democrat. Now tell me something useful.

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